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Individual therapy helps a person process specific issues or mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety that can cause distress. A session provides the client a safe 'talk and listen' space. 

Couples and/or Family therapy offers a place of open and safe communication for families that are in need of emotional support and cohesion by facilitating safe interaction within the group.

Substance Abuse Counseling takes a specific approach in helping a person identify areas of cause as well as provide insight for areas of change. 

First Responders, Clergy and their families face special circumstances that can be challenging emotionally.  Having a safe and confidential space can help promote better mental health. 

It Really Works 

Some think that counseling is only for "unstable" people. Actually,  we are designed to be relational.  We need to connect with someone.  Counseling provides the opportunity for people to have that connection in a safe environment 

Paula is a state licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor who provides general counseling services for individuals (adolescents and adults) couples and/or families.  She also specializes in substance abuse counseling.  

About Paula
About Paula

Paula is a state licensed professional counselor who provides general counseling services for individuals (adolescents and adults) couples and/or families.  She is also a nationally certified substance abuse counselor and also serves individuals with substance use issues.  

Getting Help

The first step to healing is to recognize that help is needed.  Once that decision is made, the next step is to find someone who can provide solid, safe treatment in a confidential, comforting environment.  It is with professional counseling that the road to healing is paved. 








Substance Abuse

Relapse Prevention

Allow yourself to transform as many times as you need to be fully happy and free.
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Appointment times are based on schedule and availability of client.  

BC/BS of Alabama; Cigna, Optum, Humana, Viva, and American Behaviorial insurances accepted. 

You may make a payment for your session, or you can donate payment for a session for someone in need.  Simply make a note on your PayPal entry. 

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